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Where’s the Outrage?

Conspiracy theory? I think not. TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) just passed the fast track (where a bill cannot have any individual issues debated or amended). Behind all the confederate flags, gay marriages, and viral videos of screaming goats, our government has been quietly selling Americans into slavery to the United Corporations of America. That’s a bold statement, but one that is unfortunately true and happening as I write this.

The US Business Coalition for TPP paid $1,148,971 to legislators for their yea votes on the TPP fast track. This is a matter of public record, but when I posted the link, Buttbook took it down. This goes right to the heart of why most Americans know nothing about the bill. The major media outlets are businesses, and will profit from the bill’s passage, so you won’t see it on the news, or even be allowed to post about it on Buttbook.

don't treadMembers of congress are under a gag order and are not allowed to discuss the contents of the bill outside closed doors. This is unconstitutional, but businesses and their paid politicians seem rather unconcerned with that little detail. Once the bill passes, a four-year gag order attached to the bill will go into effect. We take for granted our ability to research on the web, but very soon we will be unable to find out any information about TPP, and we could face serious repercussions if we post about it – up to and including three hots and a cot for committing “reason with a ‘t’”. So much for freedom of speech.

I would highly recommend that you look for You Tube videos by a group of hackers called, Anonymous. They are like Wikileaks on steroids. When Buttbooks only allows us to post cute kitten videos, there won’t be many sources online to find out what’s really going on. Below is just the tip of the iceberg for the sweeping changes that TPP will bring:

  • More jobs will be outsourced overseas
  • Business will be able to sue governments for lost profits if government regulations (like not dumping toxic waste in the ocean) get in the way of their bottom line
  • Banking regulations will go away, allowing for speculative investments and risky loans. The taxpayers will have to pay for all the bailouts
  • Patents on pharmaceuticals will be extended, preventing cheaper generic drugs being made available
  • Employee rights will be trampled with loss of benefits
  • Copyright laws will allow for even creative ideas to be subject to copyright infringement. Our internet posts will be subject to close scrutiny for any hint of the stricter definition of plagiarism
  • Companies will be able to patent anything from cows to vegetable seeds

Between the US and other countries participating in this “trade agreement” TPP will affect 40% of the world’s economy. The upshot is that the American worker is going to be screwed up every orifice imaginable, and some we haven’t thought of yet.

Our government is handing Corporate America a loaded gun. Let’s not be naïve enough to think they won’t use it.

Please get the word out so people know what their elected officials are up to. It may be only a matter of days before the bill passes. You can find any number of posts on Google for now, or direct people to my website, for as long as I can keep this post up before I get shut down. I’m going to send out a lot of letters to our congressmen, telling them that I don’t appreciate being sold out for their pitiful $16,000 campaign contribution. Above all, don’t sit back and hope it doesn’t get that bad. Be outraged! It’s your right.

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